Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon

Plot: Idyllic Phoenix island is ruled by a kindly Emperor and his three Generals, masters of Sunshine Kung Fu. This idyll is shattered by Magic Fox (or at least he should be called Magic Fox), a White Haired Fox so foxy that he has his own attendant beard porter. He takes over the island castle, and the king's wife and daughter are protected by a magic mist that transports them to a nearby mountain and shrouds them for 19 years. This appears to be ample time for our Polly (for it is she) to develop a Jack Douglas-type twitch in her kicking leg, which also invokes a horse-clopping noise. After much betrayal, mistaken identity, andludicrously irritating companions, we come to the training where Polly is taught a form of chess boxing. This style overcomes Magic Fox, and all is well again.

White-Haired Foxiness: 10/10 for style (the aforementioned beard porter), 4/10 for fighting

Pretty...lazy, to be honest. It doesn't seem to know whether it wants to go for punch-and-block or shapes, and you get a pretty lacklustre mix of the two. Polly can do way better than this (I think there are maybe six kicks in the whole film). The climactic fight with Magic Fox at least features the gimic of being performed on gravel paths over hot rock (well, they pretend it's hot, at least) using Polly's new found chess boxing, but it's really too little, too late.

Overall: 1.5 kicks out of 5, some fun but the intentional humour is weak and the fights are pretty lazy as a whole. Worth watching once for Polly on occasional form.

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