Wednesday, October 21, 2015

From Vegas to Macau II (2015)

Chow Yun-Fat re-returns in this re-reboot sequel, and is joined by cast from the reboot, who finally have a post-credits experience involving the actual original film's characters. Strewth, it's too early for this...


Gambling legend Ken (Do San himself, Chow Yun Fat) gets embroiled in a Thailand-based caper, involving Interpol, a sophisticated gang, and the gang's embezzling accountant Mark (Nick Cheung Ka-Fai, who has some gambling previous from 2008's 'My wife is a gambling maestro'). After gondola chases, sieges, Macguyver-stylee escapes and (not enough) actual gambling, the final showdown takes place a la Die Another Day onboard a giant airplane. Stick around for the post-credits scene, and ideally have a philospher next to you who can try to explain it.


Not many. Ken's protegĂ© Vincent (Shawn Yu Man-Lok) is the Interpol connection, and son of Ken's sidekick Victor, played by the mighty David Chiang. A lot of the action is gunplay with a bit of brutal knee and elbow, but there is a short ruck in the airplane at the end. And - the mighty Ken Lo ( Drunken Master II)  has a fun turn as a Muay Thai champ that Ken has bet he can beat. 


Right, God of Gamblers got it right with a good balance of suspense and enjoyable (albeit a bit far-fetched) trickery. But here the CGI takes over and it's all a sideshow, and the 'cards as weapons' is not as well done as, say, the plectrums-as-weapons from the Guitar Wolf movie Wild Zero. 


David Chiang has good fun taking off the Stephen Chow character from God of Gamblers II ('Doooooo Sannnn!!!') but there is a rubbish sub-plot involving a house robot with a personality, which actually had me pining for Metal Mickey. 


'Pair of tens'. If you're on a ten-hour flight and it comes on, watch it (which is what I did), otherwise  only for the completists.

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